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When a loss involving property occurs:

  • Take reasonable steps to correct potential safety risks
  • Take reasonable steps to prevent further damage
  • Notify police if the loss is by theft
  • Maintain a record of repair expenditures
  • Separate items that may be repaired or cleaned
  • Notify your claims representative before discarding items
  • Keep receipts for additional living expenses incurred
  • Prepare a Contents Loss Inventory of lost, stolen or damaged items
  • Obtain estimates from experienced contractors
  • Review your policy

When a loss involving injury occurs:

  • Promptly report the loss to us (regardless of fault)
  • Provide us with names and addresses of any witnesses
  • Review your policy
  • Promptly provide us with copies of letters, notices or legal papers that you receive

When a loss involving your vehicle occurs:

  • Take reasonable steps to protect your vehicle from further damage
  • Tell us where your vehicle is located
  • Review your policy

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