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Customer Testimonial: Karen

I recently received a letter from you explaining that after an audit it was determined that we should have received more from a settlement for a fire that had previously occurred at our residence. Needless to say, I was shocked. It was quite a refreshing change to deal with a company that deals honestly and openly with clients. Thank you so much!

Let me back up for a moment. When my husband and I purchased our house, a friend that I worked with had suffered great damage in a fire in their home. They were insured by your company. I asked her how she and her family were treated in the settlement. She highly praised you and your employees. That made us seek out your services to protect our home as well.

Our fire was small considering what most others suffer. We had no idea what to do, the process to file, or what to expect. I can truthfully say that we were handled with the utmost respect, courtesy, and understanding throughout the whole ordeal. As I sit here now clearing and cleaning my desk, I have once again found your letter. I am feeling the same as when I first read it---very happy to know that companies out there still hold to standards and ethics in their business dealings.

I, too, will relay nothing but praise and gratitude to you and your company if and when any friends/colleagues ask me about insurance and companies with whom I have dealt. Despite the negativity in the news and on line about companies and businesses today, let it be known that the ethics and morals that built our country still hold it together. Companies like yours in our midst remind us that at the core we are still a strong and vibrant society.

Thank you for today’s reminder that we depended on Farmers and Mechanics in our time of need, and we have never been disappointed. Our family is proud to continue our association with you. We will gladly lead others to you!