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We work for you, the people of West Virginia, to bring you the most innovative insurance services the industry has to offer. Covering everything from your home to your business has never been easier. You can be assured that we have an agent who's ready to serve you no matter what the circumstances. We understand that just because a disaster happens your life cannot go on hold, that's why we have products that give you the coverage you need, and we'll work tirelessly to process your claim so you can reclaim your life.

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We have agents throughout West Virginia that can't wait to serve you. We'll help you find an agent in your area, so you can smoothly start the process of becoming an F&M Client.

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Insurance is more than a financial transaction, it's a promise of protection, its peace of mind that the premium you pay will get you the support of our staff, and get your life back on track. We don't just sell insurance; we make it a little easier to sleep at night knowing F & M is always here for you.

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